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Its a woodle bird!

October 11, 2009

Life has been pretty busy, but been working on and off on my own things, its a woodle bird!

The original was a very fast sketch to get the feel and colour of the character.

Its a rough woodle bird!

Its a rough woodle bird!

Later  went on to refine and simplify  the bird, especially the tail, which was just too distracting. Some image reference for the background and some dynamic/atmosphereric lighting to finish it off. Then again I might get back to it later haha.

A much more cleaned up version. Note the eye and the tail.

A much more cleaned up version. Note the eye and the tail.

 Till next time!


Amazing animation: Father and Daughter

August 3, 2009

When I just started as an animator, I remember going through many animated shorts/ads/ect that always want me to go back and watch again and again. Father and Daughter was one of them, and there was a very good reason why it won an Acedemy award too.  But for that, I’ll let the film do the rest of talking. 🙂

At the same time, I’ll be posting under the “amazing animation” tag to introduce underrated or unknown animation, do keep an eye out for the next post. Its gonna be very full of trees! 🙂

July 29, 2009
The class from the recent Masterclass with Mr Hans Bacher.

The class from the recent Masterclass with Mr Hans Bacher.

I think that its best that I try to keep it short and simple, I’m Mervin, most people call me Mervs or Merv or the guy that drinks too much coffee. Been working since 2007 when I got out of army. I love animation and animating especially. Nothing can compare the satisfaction of making a still image move, or giving life to an inanimate puppet. These are the little things that are taken for granted in this fast paced world that we live in today.

Fast forward to the present, I recently went for a master course by Hans Bacher, thanks for all that you have shared with us, it was such a great eye opener! And big thanks to the guys at CG Protégé who organized it! It was a great experience to sit back and see what was really out there. In fact, the whole experience almost felt like a movie shot in third person, heh, but in a good way. I also got to meet many others and made new friends, many if not all, who were also in the same industry.  Do pardon me if I forgot your names, drop me a mail at if I’ve forgotten to add you to blogroll.

I look at this blog as sort of a starting point where I start relearning things I’ve neglected as well as new things that I’ve yet to thread. I’ve got quite a bit of links and stuff that I’ll update as I go along. Well, I actually had an old blog, but it caught fire and was attacked by rabid badgers.

Actually I was just too lazy to update it. Whoops.

Rabid badgers aside, I hope you enjoy reading this blog and if have any comments or feedback, please feel free to post! I think I’ve driven most of the rabid badgers away, I think. Until next time!


July 22, 2009

Here we go! Its blogging time!